10 صفات تميز الناجحين في كل مكان وكل زمان

10 Traits of Successful Persons Anywhere, Anytime

In the world of business and finance, successful persons, wherever they are and whatever activity they lead, are distinguished for common traits.

However, the experience and ability to activate the following traits published by “Forbes”, remain to serve as the main factor of distinction between those who are fond of success and the people who live in daydreams.

The 10 traits of successful persons are:

1. They always ask the right questions

• Not only that! They ask the persons who have the correct answers.
• This means that they can solve their problems by resorting to experienced persons.
• Not only that! They can help others solve their problems.

2. They never stop learning

• Those who continue learning acquire a great deal of life experience that helps them attain success.
• Learning does not stop at the end of university study.
• For many, this means having the guts to venture into new experiences.

3. Capable of making the change

• Of the main traits of successful persons is that they do not wait for the change and its implications.
• Therefore, they are proactive in making the difference before it is imposed on them.

4. Innovators, rather than consumers

• Successful persons focus on innovation rather than imitating others in their relaxation.
• They do not keep themselves busy with a pure consumer pattern that undermines innovation and the desire for renewal.

5. They do more than they are asked

• This is a substantially significant trait, which means they never stop giving.
• It also means they are not limited to the tasks they are asked to accomplish. Yet, they continue to seek other approaches to continue innovation.
• This, in turn, reflects on the ability to confront difficulties and embrace teamwork spirit.

6. They learn well from failure

• Successful persons are convinced that mistakes are the faster road to success by learning for the future.
• Experience can be rapidly acquired by learning from setbacks and failing attempts.

7. They adapt to variables

• Life is changing. It is imperative to adapt to market changes and the world of business so as to continue success.
• Successful people always know that rigidity and stiffness would not serve their goals.
• This also means that they are never isolated from reality but face their problems with patience and persistence.

8. They set achievable objectives

• They understand the reality of planning ahead for everyday activities and set plans for the month, year, and long-term plans.
• This is complemented by realistic objectives that suit the given abilities.
• Then, they invest all potential to achieve goals with patience and persistence.

9. They shoulder responsibility for their acts

• This means that it is no disgrace to admit the mistake and avoid it in the future.
• They do not rely on others but exert efforts to find solutions.
• Responsibility is always shouldered by hard workers, who tend to confront rather than retreat.

10. They know when to go further and when to depart

• This trait indicates the accurate choice of timing to change the current job.
• For them, it is time to start a new life or different activity.
• The ability to make critical decisions at a time that some may see as inappropriate.
• This is confirmed by their intuition, persistence, and strong belief.

Article by: Hisham Sorour – Managing Partner – Baker Tilly Kuwait

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