Baker Tilly Kuwait Moves to New Premises

Baker Tilly Kuwait Moves to New Premises

During December 2014, Baker Tilly Kuwait will move to its new premises located in:

Kuwait City
Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street
25 February Tower
Floor 19

The move comes in line with the expansion plan set at the end of 2013 and implemented during 2014. According to the plan, the expansion should consider the following:

  1. Office Location
    The office should be in one of the new distinct towers that mark building intelligence, overlooking the Arabian Gulf, is located at the heart of the Capital and is easy accessible.
  2. Dccor and Design
    Streamlined, logical and open design taking into consideration the privacy, and safety of human resources and files, and providing access to sunlight.
  3. Infrastructure
    Infrastructure should be flexible and of high tech, covering the entire floor space, and allowing for any modifications that might arise by time.
  4. Furniture
    Luxurious brand furniture featuring economic footprint, splendid colors, and harmony of all parts.
  5. Centralized Data Room
    The room should include our local server, AC units, licenses of the programs required to operate the server effectively and efficiently.
  6. Record Keeping Room
    The record keeping room should be semi-automated and of high tech, accessed by only the authorized personnel using secret code system that logs the names of users when accessing and leaving the room, as well as the document accessed , and the purpose of use. This aims at preserving the confidentiality of the documents’ information and data.
  7. Devices
    Devices are of renowned trademarks and high tech. Telephones, computers, photocopiers and printers have been purchased from Cisco, Dell, Richo and Xerox, respectively.
  8. Services
    Services include a hotline with memorable number. The hotline comprises 30 sub-lines to ensure customers’ calls are answered on timely manner. In addition, a high speed internet connection is available with capacity that can serve the entire employees simultaneously.

Noteworthy is that our move to the new premises comes in response to the development of the needs of our customers, driven by our keenness to always fulfill such needs effectively and efficiently.

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