International Professional Certificate in Regulatory Compliance

Baker Tilly Kuwait Audit, Tax and Consulting Services is always keen to provide professional certificates that enhance the capabilities and knowledge of individuals with the aim of enabling them to match the changes that take place in the business environment; such changes led and guided by the regulatory authorities, mainly represented in the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) through the laws, resolutions and instructions issued by such regulatory bodies to the banks and companies subject to their supervision, with the aim of executing such laws, resolutions and instructions, while conducting their services for securing a sound business environment marked by transparency and equity.

In this regard, it became crucial for banks and companies licensed to conduct securities activity to create the title “Compliance Officer” within their organizational structure. It is stipulated that this job should be registered with the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Capital Markets Authority; which means that the approval of the said regulatory bodies of the qualifications, criminal record and the experience of the person occupying this job is required before recruiting him. The occupant of this job will be the official point of contact between the regulatory bodies and the banks and companies licensed to conduct the securities activity to ensure the validity of communication methods in terms of the relevant laws, resolutions and instructions and to ensure taking the necessary action for executing the same within the business entities referred to herein.

As the said job is newly created, Baker Tilly Kuwait has, several times, conducted the “Professional Compliance Officer (PCO)” training course which was attended by the occupants of this job who praised the value added in the study material, in addition to the academic expertise of the instructors who led this program. A lot of those who attended the training program have stated that they, for a long time, wished that an international professional certificate in regulatory compliance could be conducted in Kuwait to be able to join it with the aim of improving their skills and knowledge, thus contributing to developing their career path, along with professional application of the regulatory compliance in the business entities they work for.

Baker Tilly Kuwait Auditing, Tax and Consulting Services has undertaken the task to turn such desire into a reality for their clients as Baker Tilly Kuwait is in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding to deliver the review course of “The Regulatory Compliance Certificate- Advanced Level” offered by “The International Compliance Association (ICA)” in association with the University of Manchester Business School, UK.

The certificate will be conducted three times per year; twice in Arabic Language and one time in English Language, with the aim of overcoming the language barrier. Upon conducting the same in the Arabic language, the course material will be in Arabic and the exam which will be in the same language. In the case of English version, the course material will be in English and the exam which will be in the same language. The course material of this certificate will be distinguished, as it will contain the regulatory rules issued by the regulatory bodies in the State of Kuwait; which is a simulation of the international and local rules in terms of application.

The review course will be conducted in one of the training venues in a 5 star hotel over three days starting from 9:30 am to 4:30 PM and at the end of the third day an exam will be conducted, adopting the handwriting technique. It is expected that the first session of the program will be conducted from 10 – 12 November, 2014.

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