Reporting Consulting

Business entities are becoming increasingly required to make economic, social and environmental contributions and activities besides its primary goal of making profits. In this context, annual reports of business entities should include sections or separate reports illustrating such contributions and activities.

Global Reporting Initiative standards are the world’s most common and widely adopted guidelines in preparing Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) and Sustainability reports through providing the necessary framework to define the report content and presentation techniques.

Business entities gain several benefits both internally and externally from publishing such reports including but not limited to promoting transparency culture, enhancing awareness of social responsibility, increasing customer loyalty and building stakeholders’ trust.

Services provided by Baker Tilly:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) Report

CRS report is a tool used by an entity to illustrate its efforts intended to serve the communities where it operates and its vision for development of individuals and communities. CRS report helps attain more transparency within the business entity about economic, environmental, social performance, compliance and corporate governance. Such transparency and accountability build the stakeholders’ trust.

  1. Sustainability Report

CRS report is a tool used by an entity to illustrate its understanding, vision and performance in economic, environmental and social areas, present the goals set in this context, impacts of its activities, and provide awareness of its plans and programs designed to contribute to building sustainable economy and world.