Corporate Support Consulting

Corporate Support Consulting

Baker Tilly offers a range of administrative support services that primarily encompass support corporate services to business entities, which require in-depth knowledge and experience in laws and legislations on one hand, and on the other hand effective communication with governmental authorities to process the relevant procedural transactions, which such business entities may not have attained.

Added value to business entities from engagement of Corporate Services

  1. Help entities grow their business and focus on their core activities; and

  2. Minimize various risks through ensuring that support services delivered are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Services provided by Baker Tilly:

Corporate Incorporation

New investors or existing companies in the State of Kuwait or from abroad would need to incorporate new entities to enable them to carry on their business according to the applicable legislations of the State of Kuwait.

In this context, Baker Tilly provides corporate services related to the incorporation of entities relying on its extensive knowledge of legal and administrative formalities of the incorporation process in accurate and swift manner. Further, Baker Tilly offers relevant services such as the amendment of memorandum of association or articles of association, renewal of business licenses and all legal and regulatory documents required for any entity to carry on its business.

Baker Tilly offers its professional services related to the incorporation procedures in accordance with the applicable legislations of the State of Kuwait.

Technical Advice to Board of Directors

In light of the role assigned to the boards of directors to monitor and approve the systems and regulations governing the business management within business entities, the board of directors need to engage a specialist firm with extensive knowledge of all legislations related to the organizational and regulatory authorities, and the applications thereof.

Baker Tilly provides the technical advice to the Board of Directors on annual engagement basis including attendance of the board meetings and provision of technical advice and opinion about all organizational activities raised by CEO.

Capital Increase or Reduction

The boards of directors make decisions to increase or reduce the share capital of their companies resulting in the need to conduct the relevant studies in addition to a set of formalities with the concerned authorities to reflect the capital increase or reduction in the company’s official documents.

In this context,

Baker Tilly provides the capital increase or reduction services through specialists with extensive expertise and knowledge in this area.

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