A salary survey is a tool that business entities should regularly use in order to determine the levels of salaries and benefits prevailing in similar sectors and industries with a view to ensuring that the business entity offers comparable levels of salaries and benefits.

Accordingly, the entity’s current situation is assessed and corrected to be consistent with the levels of salaries and benefits generated from the salary survey.

This would ensure that the incumbents have job satisfaction, enhance loyalty to the business entity, and minimize turnover of human resources in whom investments were made through training and acquisition of skills from the practice of job duties where they became valuable assets generating operating and capital profits for the business entity.

Added value to business entities from Salary Survey Services

  • Enhance the business entity’s reputation among similar business sectors.
  • Enhance the business entity’s attractiveness for incumbents.
  • Assist with retaining efficient employees and hence, achieve a competitive advantage for the entity.

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Development of Salary Survey Report