Baker Tilly in Kuwait pays special attention to its clients and their requirements to help them succeed in achieving their goals. Baker Tilly set up an independent unit, i.e. Business Development and Client Satisfaction Department, which sustainably seeks to understand the client requirements and how to deliver the same on a timely basis at competitive fees.

Who are Baker Tilly Kuwait’s clients?

Our clients are business entities from different categories in terms of capital size (small, medium, or large). When working with SMEs, Baker Tilly is keen to transfer knowledge, while in the case of large companies, we are keen to raise awareness of internal control and governance.

To which business sectors do Baker Tilly Kuwait’s clients belong?

Our clients belong to the main business sectors and segments based on Baker Tilly’s sectorial classification:

  1. Oil and gas sector
  2. Ministries and other government entities sector
  3. Private sector
  4. Public benefit sector
  5. Foreign companies operating in the Kuwait sector
  6. International and Arab entities in the Kuwait sector

The above sectors comprise segments. Our understanding of these business sectors helps us clearly understand international standards, local legislation, and best practices for each sector. We focus on accurately understanding the client’s needs, resulting in the provision of unrivaled business solutions addressing the status quo and meeting the stakeholders’ requirements including regulatory or supervisory authorities.

Success stories with our customers

Baker Tilly has several success stories over the years of its presence in Kuwait in delivering large-scale services that have been provided to all business entities operating within different business sectors. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Prepared a feasibility study for establishing a specialized training institute for a regulatory authority.
  2. Prepared a feasibility study for establishing a public shareholding company for a government entity to undertake the management of government and investment real estate properties
  3. Prepared financial due diligence for an investor covering a company listed on Boursa Kuwait.
  4. Delivered internal audit services to investment companies listed on Boursa Kuwait.
  5. Delivered internal control review services to branches of foreign banks in Kuwait and investment companies listed on Boursa Kuwait.
  6. Delivered consulting services related to conversion from conventional business models to Sharia-compliant business models.

At Baker Tilly Kuwait, we are proud of the client base that we have worked with and will work with. This clientele motivates and inspires Baker Tilly Kuwait management to continue providing innovative services, which offer logical and new solutions.