Corporate Performance Appraisal Systems Services

Corporate Performance Appraisal Systems

The significant changes in business entities, resulting from the emerging challenges in the economy and geopolitical economy along with the developments in technology, entail business entities to develop corporate performance appraisal systems through identifying effective performance indicators, measuring and managing performance to reflect the entity’s ongoing performance in a manner that supports the sound decision-making process.

What are the effective performance indicators?

It is a measurement that provides information on the progress made toward achieving a specific goal.

What are the main components of the corporate performance appraisal system?

The corporate performance appraisal system consists of four main components:

  1. The system objective;
  2. The expected outputs from each unit of the entity’s organizational structure;
  3. Identifying responsibilities and authorities across the entity; and
  4. Allocation of work teams and optimal utilization of human resources.

What is the added value to business entities from engaging an independent consulting firm to develop a corporate performance appraisal system?

  1. Having wide expertise covering all technical, operational, and management aspects of the entity;
  2. Having in place cutting-edge applications in the field of designing effective performance indicators that are appropriate for the nature of the business activity and the technology infrastructure of the entity; and
  3. Assistance in enhancing and improving performance.

Why do you choose Baker Tilly Kuwait to provide this service?

Baker Tilly Kuwait is distinguished by specialist professional experience and offers the following characteristics carrying added value to our clients as follows:

  • A global consulting firm operating in the State of Kuwait;
  • Local experience under an international umbrella;
  • Professional team with in-depth experience in providing corporate performance appraisal systems;
  • Bilingual team; and
  • Extended experience in providing Management and Human Resources Consulting Services.