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Unleash your potential and join our dynamic team as we work in an organized, disciplined, and advanced environment, and within an atmosphere of endless innovation.

Job Title Job Requirements
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Techno-Functional MS Dynamics 365 ERP Consultant Apply Now
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Data Visualizer Apply Now
Senior Financial Analyst Apply Now
Business Development Officer Apply Now
Receptionist Apply Now
Financial Audit and Assurance Assistant Manager Apply Now
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Employees Testimonials

Discover the emotions and experiences of our passionate employees about Baker Tilly’s culture and workplace. Those experiences are quoted from the employees’ survey that “Great Place to Work” conducted on an independent and neutral basis

of Our Employees said
When we joined Baker Tilly Kuwait, we felt welcomed
of Our Employees said
Baker Tilly’s facilities contribute to a good working environment.
of Our Employees said
Baker Tilly’s Management shows a sincere interest in them as persons, not just employees.
of Our Employees said
Management keeps us informed about important issues and changes.
of Our Employees said
Our executives fully embody the best characteristics of their company.
of Our Employees said
they feel they are making a difference in the Company.
of Our Employees said
People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.

Perks & Benefits of Joining Our Team

Baker Tilly’s management system has been established on attracting factors, as certain factors are financially associated with job offers, some are about career development and others are relevant to the work environment

Competitive salary and benefits package
Health insurance coverage for employees
Career growth and development opportunities
Professional development programs and training opportunities
Company-sponsored social events and team-building activities


There are always many questions going around in the mind of everyone looking for a job about the business entity that he/she wants to join. In Baker Tilly, we appreciate and share these questions with the human resources looking forward to joining us.

How does Baker Tilly support career development for employees?

The Human Resources Department in Baker Tilly in association with the managers at the Professional and Consulting Services Division set job requirements for incumbents. In the interview process, we are always keen on headhunting people who meet our job requirements. However, we always develop an annual training plan to fill any gaps that the incumbent may encounter to meet his/her job requirements. The benefit of this matter appears in two perspectives:

First, the incumbent feels that he/she is scoring professional and consulting growth.

Second, Baker Tilly gets the human capabilities that help accomplish their job duties as required.

With that being said, both Baker Tilly and the incumbent walk together towards success.

How many annual leave days do employees receive?

As per the Labor Law, Baker Tilly grants the employee 30-working-day paid annual leave.

How do I contact the career team?

You can contact the Recruitment Section through email at: careers@bakertilly.com.kw

What is the performance evaluation process like?

Employees’ performance is evaluated on a quarterly basis. An appraisal average score is set at the end of each year to ensure that the performance appraisal process is fairly conducted over Baker Tilly’s financial year.

How does the company recognize and reward employee performance and achievements?

Baker Tilly has a standard system for the employees’ annual performance appraisal. The result of such an appraisal has financial benefits that differ according to the final appraisal result. The minimum score required is 75% or more.

As for rewards, they are numerous and contingent upon coming up with ideas or accomplishing objectives adding value to Baker Tilly other than the job duties that are the subject of the employment contract. Any employee who comes up with an idea to improve the work progress and it is approved, he/she will be financially rewarded. Additionally, if anyone refers a candidate for a vacant job and that candidate is selected, the employee is given a reward for this nomination. Whatever examples are given are not exclusive but representative.

What is the interview process like?

In the interview process, you are interviewed for 30 minutes about the following:

  • Personal information
  • Knowledge and experience required for the job
  • Personal and technical skills required for the job
  • Abilities
  • Behavior and attitude

To pass the interview, you should get at least 75%.

Who will conduct the interviews?

In Baker Tilly, the interview is conducted with the candidates by a committee comprising a partner, the Human Resources Department manager, and the respective department manager.

Will there be any skills tests or assessments during the interview process?


When can I expect to hear back about the status of my application?

You should hear back from us within five working days after the date of the interview or test, if any.

Can I Apply for multiple open vacancies?

Yes, you can if you meet the requirements of the job you are applying for.

I was interviewed before and wasn’t selected, could I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply because each application is considered and assessed as a separate yet connected case.