Job Descriptions Services

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are internal control, which clearly defines roles and responsibilities assigned to an incumbent enhancing the incumbent’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Job descriptions include several sections such as educational qualifications, job experience, and skillset that an incumbent should have as well as the roles and responsibilities based on which the incumbent’s job performance is appraised and their skills are developed through continuous training.

Companies regulated by Capital Markets Authority in the State of Kuwait should comply with the requirements of the Executive Regulations of Law No. 7 of 2010, which comprise sixteen modules. Module 15 sets forth the educational qualifications and job experience that the licensed person’s registrable positions and jobs should have in accordance with efficiency and integrity rules.

Added value to business entities from Job Descriptions Services

  • Define the requirements to be met by an incumbent in order to assist with attracting them easily.
  • Attain efficiency and effectiveness for incumbents.
  • Attain job satisfaction, which results in job loyalty.

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Development of Job Descriptions.