Investment Advisor License Services

Licensed Investment Advisor Services

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in the State of Kuwait requires that statutory studies are conducted in relation to ownership percentages and values for merger or acquisition purposes or verifying compliance with specific ownership percentages for the shareholders as set out in the regulations in order to ensure integrity of such transactions, safeguard the rights of all stakeholders, and enhance transparency and fair competition in the capital market in the State of Kuwait.

In this context, Baker Tilly is CMA-licensed Investment Advisor to provide investment consulting services.

Baker Tilly provides the following investment consulting services:

Securities Valuation In Kuwait

Securities Valuation

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Reports on Deals with Related Parties Services

Deals with Related Parties

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Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

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Fair Value Report for Non- controlling Interests Services

Non- controlling Interests

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Participation in Securities Activities Advisory Services

Securities Advisory

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Subscription Advisory Services

Subscription Advisory

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Listing Advisory Services

Boursa Listing Advisor

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Collective Investment Schemes Advisory Services

Collective Invest. Schemes

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Market Maker Advisory Services

Market Maker Advisory

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