HR Planning System Services

HR Planning System

The accurate identification of human resources in each organizational unit and the calculation of their expected future costs, with a view to ensuring balanced return against the costs of such resources, are key tools for operational and strategic planning at all companies and organizations.

What is human resources planning?

This is a systematic and periodic process for estimating human resources’ future needs and determining the strategy for their availability, whether by rotating employees within organizational units, reassigning them, or adopting human resources restructuring through termination, replacement or creation of new job opportunities.

What is a human resources planning system?

It is the creation of a set of process flowcharts, policies, procedures, and forms used by the company’s management to analyze historical data related to human resources, analyze human resource needs to implement the future strategic plan and determine the financial impact of those resources in terms of reducing or increasing direct and indirect costs.

How important are human resources planning?

  1. Ensuring effective assessment of the company’s current and future human resource needs, and taking action to recruit them in line with the company’s performance goals according to best practices and standards;
  2. Reassigning human resources across the company to ensure realizing the operational objectives in all departments, sections and units across the organization.
  3. Measuring workloads in the various units and determining staff shortage or overstaffing in each unit.

What is the added value to business entities from engaging an independent consulting firm to develop an HR planning system?

  1. Having wide expertise covering all technical, operational, and management aspects of the entity;
  2. Having in place cutting-edge applications in the field of designing HR planning systems that are appropriate for the nature of the business activity and the technology infrastructure of the entity; and
  3. Assistance in enhancing and improving performance.

Why do you choose Baker Tilly Kuwait to provide this service?

Baker Tilly is distinguished by specialist professional experience and offers the following characteristics carrying added value to our clients as follows:

  • A global consulting firm operating in the State of Kuwait;
  • Local experience under an international umbrella;
  • Professional team with in-depth experience in designing human resources planning systems;
  • Bilingual team; and
  • Extended experience in providing Management and Human Resources Consulting Services.