Job structure constitutes the governing framework of the number and levels of jobs required in a single organizational unit. This recurrently applies to each organizational unit in order to ultimately achieve an overall balanced job structure in terms of the target number of job incumbents and the size of processes to be performed by them. This concept is applicable to all business entities.

Companies regulated by Capital Markets Authority in the State of Kuwait should comply with the requirements of the Executive Regulations of Law No. 7 of 2010, which comprise sixteen modules. Module 15 sets forth the requirement to define the roles, responsibilities and duties of the members of Board of Directors and the executive management as well as powers and authorities delegated to the executive management.

Module 15, Corporate Governance, sets forth:

Article 3-4 The roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the executive management shall be clearly defined in the approved policies and rules to reflect the balance of authority and powers between the Board of Directors and the executive management as well as ensure that no party will solely possess absolute powers. This will facilitate the process of Board accountability by a company’s shareholders.

Added value to business entities from Job Structure Services

  • Provide a database of existing jobs within a business entity.
  • Facilitate the process of career development planning and succession planning.
  • Achieve integration and consistency among various organizational units and avoid duplicate jobs.

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