Compliance Consulting Services

Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

Compliance is the business entity’s observance of a set of legislations (laws, resolutions, and regulations) issued by official organizational or regulatory authorities. Business entities are required to comply with such legislation by re-engineering their operating policies, procedures, and processes to include the requirements set forth in such mandatory legislation.

Baker Tilly Kuwait provides a complete range of compliance consulting services to business entities, which help them achieve compliance with the above-mentioned legislations in order to avoid any risks that may arise due to non-compliance.

Added value to business entities from the engagement of Compliance Consulting Services

  1. Ensure that regulatory compliance is achieved including compliance with laws, regulations, resolutions, rules, and instructions issued by the regulators;
  2. Ensure compliance with the up-to-date international standards and practices, which are relevant to the entity’s business activities; and
  3. Promote the stakeholders’ confidence in the business entities and enhance its reputation in the marketplace where it operates.

Services provided by Baker Tilly Kuwait

  1. Consulting Services

    Compliance consulting services include conducting gap analysis, identifying aspects of noncompliance to be bridged, and then providing integrated solutions to attain compliance including but not limited to the development or amendment of policies, procedures, charters, and organizational structures.

  2. Training Services

    We provide training courses and workshops to all business entities to provide the relevant business units with awareness of the regulatory requirements and ways to fulfill the same.