Baker Tilly International Global Ranking

Baker Tilly International Global Ranking

According to the ranking made by International Accounting Bulletin issued in March 2022 for 2021 activities, Baker Tilly International is one of the top 10 world’s largest Accountancy, Tax and Business advisory network by combined fee income of its independent member firms:

Our Membership in Baker Tilly International Network

(Source: International Accounting Bulletin Issue IAB No.631 , issued in March 2022)

Baker Tilly International is a leading worldwide network of high-quality, independent accountancy and business consulting firms, all of whom are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, both in their own marketplaces and across the world, wherever the client needs help.

Baker Tilly in Kuwait has a network of global resources within reach through our membership of Baker Tilly International. It is our strong relationship with other Baker Tilly International member firms that is the key factor enabling us to overcome time and cross-border complexities to deliver a quality service.

Our membership of Baker Tilly International provides an opportunity for professionals at each firm to learn from and work closely with professionals at other member firms, nationally and globally. We are able to provide premier accounting and business consulting services worldwide, drawing on internationally recognized industry and service line experts in over 100 countries.